Emergency Dentist: Rosebud and the Mornington Peninsula

Oral accidents can occur, and it’s important to know that just because you may have encountered an after-hours mishap with your teeth you can still receive emergency dental treatment.

Peninsula Dental provides an emergency dentist service for those who require immediate attention. In case of an emergency, the first hours are the most important for saving the affected tooth, as well as for diminishing any pain incurred during the incident.

The skilled and experienced team of emergency dentists at Peninsula Dental are ready to handle any unplanned dental tasks and provide patients the peace of mind required during such an emergency.

Located in Rosebud, we are well-equipped to provide our emergency dental service to patients throughout the Mornington Peninsula. If you are suffering from oral trauma that requires immediate attention call now – we are here to help.

In Case of Emergency

If you are experiencing oral trauma that requires immediate attention please, do not hesitate, contact our emergency dentist service as soon as possible. Also, we suggest you follow these steps to ensure the viability of your tooth:

  • Try to gently reposition your tooth to where it is naturally aligned. However, once this is done, do not try and force the tooth or continue playing with it as this may further damage the affected area.
  • Gently clench your teeth together in order to hold the tooth in position until you see your emergency dentist.
  • Avoid chewing or clenching down too hard on the affected area.
  • Avoid hot food or drinks.
  • If the tooth has become completed displaced, put it in a glass of milk, as the calcium helps to maintain its viability. Do not scrub at the root of the tooth.

We Help with a Comprehensive Range of Emergencies

Peninsula Dental provide emergency treatment for a range of traumas, including:

  • Toothache
  • Infection
  • Lost fillings, crowns and veneers

If you’re experiencing any of the following traumas, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with the team at Peninsula Dental. We will happily bring you in for an emergency treatment that will not only work to diminish the pain incurred but also salvage the damaged tooth/teeth.